Anyone can become an associate, we are looking for artists, collectors, curators and anyone with an interest in critically engaged contemporary art. We are looking for people who want to open up opportunities for others, who are open minded in their approach to both local and international art scenes, who want to see more interesting, progressive and challenging art in the shire!

We believe:

There is a difference between local artists and artists who work locally, to be a local artist doesn’t mean provincial or regional in an¬†inferior or negative sense. If everyone could afford some or more time to split their practice between their¬†constituency and their work in a wider national and international context then the world would be a richer place for everyone.

Q. What does an associate do? A. Everything or nothing much.

Associates could mean being an audience and encouraging others to be the audience, associates can access the network of members and seek advice, associates can contribute to the discussion and offer services and support. Associates can access the W-CA collection and borrow, use specialist equipment. And finally associates can become members by making a proposal for an event that they will manage and organise with the full backing and support of the W-CA